1. How is the MAVWASCO monthly billing schedule?


Bill distribution (for the previous month)

Disconnection/servicing of meters

Meter Reading (for the current month)

Date of month


1st to 10th


11th to 23rd


24th to 31st

2. Is the perennial water shortage in Mavoko likely to ease soon?

In coordination with the County Government of Machakos,ministry of water, ministry of housing and the water services trust fund MAVWASCO has initiated projects which will go a long way in addressing the water shortage problem. Pumping of water from the newly constructed Portland dam is expected to greatly increase the volume of water supply. A number of boreholes have been drilled whereas other projects like the construction of the KMC dam have been identified.

3. Where does the water supplied to Mavoko Residents come from?

MAVWASCO water sources are:- Nairobi water company,Portland Dam, Nol-Turesh and boreholes .
4. Where can I pay my bills?

Customers can pay their water bills from any co-operative bank branch to (Acct No 01136066125200 Athi-River Branch).You can also pay through POSTBANK or MPESA. NO PAYMENTS ARE ACCEPTED DIRECTLY TO OUR OFFICES


->Go to MPESA on your phone

->Paybill option/lIPA NA MPESA

->insert Bussiness No as 363100

->insert Account No as YOUR CONNECTION No. (example 01111 )

->insert your Pin


->receive a confirmation message

If payment is successfull you will get an SMS showing the amount paid and your bill balance

5. What is the procedure for new water/sewer connection application?
Those applying for new water/sewer connections will be required to obtain an application form from our offices or download one from our website. Once filled and all relevant documentation attached an employee will be send to do an evaluation on the basis of which the amounts payable will be computed. After payments the connection will be done in a day or two days period.

6. Do I have to pay sewer if am not sewered?

7. What do I do incase my meter is disconnected?

A reconnection fee of ksh 1000 must be paid and a receipt obtained from our offices before your water supply is reconnected. Reconnection will be done on the same day payment is done or the following day.

8. Do I have to pay sewer if am not connected to water but served by the sewerline?


A). Call our customer care number 0719148866 (from 8.00am to 5.00 pm)
B). Send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
C). From our website click on contact us and fill the form provided.
D). SMS your complaint to 31155 starting with the word mavoko (example MAVOKO My meter requires to be serviced)
E). Tweet us @mavokowater

10. How can i get my bill?

We send monthly bills through SMS and EMAIL,You can query through your mobile phone by sending MAVOKO (then a single space) followed by your connection number to 31155 e.g MAVOKO 01111 send to 31155