The water sector has undergone major reforms since 1990’s. In 1999, the National Water Strategy was approved by the government and by 2002 the new Water Act 2002 was enacted. Implementation of the Water Act 2002, which became effective in 2003 commenced with the formation of WASREB and WRMA. Under the Act, the mandate of water and sewerage services is the responsibility of WSP’s, which are licensed by WASREB. The WSP’s such as MAVWASCO are licensed as agents of water service boards in their areas of jurisdictions.

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Pressed steel water storage tank KMC DamKasuitu Dam Sewer Line Under Construction..NHCSewer Line Under Construction..NHCButt Fussion Technology in Use..Nolturesh LineDisilting Kasuitu Dam..Machakos County Government(Year 2017)Public Sanitation Block..Makadara MarketWater Provision to Informal Settlements

MAVWASCO was established in 2006 as a limited liability company under the water sector reforms enshrined in the Water Act 2002. It has a Board of Directors that works through committees. The Company has a functional organizational structure, headed by a Managing Director, who leads the management team. This is the team responsible for the day to day operations of the company. 
The company has a formalized Service Provision Agreement (SPA) and license from Tanathi Water Service Board (WSB) which has the mandate of water service provision in its area of jurisdiction (Kapa,Syokimau,Mlolongo,Athiriver,Kinanie,Chumvi areas). As at the 2009 population census, the area covered by MAVWASCO had a population of 139,380 people with an annual growth rate of 8% . The area combines domestic, institutional, commercial entities and industrial consumers.


Nairobi Water 90,000 m3 per month
MAVWASCO treatment plant 48,000m3 per month
Boreholes 7,000m3 per month.

The Company envisages that the existing shortfall in water supply and sewerage coverage will be covered by inter alia direct public investments, private sector investment and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).