Conditions of Supply

1. Any infrastructure put by you will revert to the water service provider Immediately.

2. Application for the water connection as a rule, be dealt with in order of priority of date, but the water service provider reserves the right of executing the work in the manner and at time best to his convenience.

3. If any account is overdue the water supply shall be cut off and shall only be reconnected upon payments of the outstanding bills and requisite reconnection fees and deposit.

4. The water services provider shall during the validity of the supply agreement have the right forthwith and without notice to terminate the agreement for any antecedent right against the consumer including the right to take proceedings.

5. No consumer shall use, or permit to use, any water supplied in pursuance of an application made by him under regulations except for such use as specified by him in the application.

6. No consumer shall convey, or permit to be conveyed by any means whatever, for use as outside his plot, or for sale, any water supplied to him by the service provider except by prior consent of the water service provider.

7. The consumer’s responsibility begins immediately after the Tee towards his house irrespective of length of pipeline financed by him.

8. It is the responsibility of consumer to give access to meter and premises to the water service provider or his authorized agent who shall reserve the right to disconnect in the event of no such access being granted. The consumer shall further be responsible for the security of their meter.

9. No water pump shall be installed to our line.

10. The company may ration the supply of water in times of shortage.

11. The company reserves the right to reject your application or withdraw the connection for any false information given or default on payments for services rendered for your other existing connections.

12. The applicable charges shall be paid to the Company by the consumer before the supply is connected

13. The customer will provide labor for trenching and backfilling.